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Song Distribution & Promo Deal Paperwork Fee


Song Distribution & Promo Deal is a Onetime Paper Fee!
You will receive your paperwork within 1 hour.

The A&Rs here would like to offer you a distribution deal! iTunesUnsigned is currently working with Sony Music and 1000 other Digital/Retail Stores that distributes our music. Never pay us .1cent for our services, everything comes free with the offer. You keep all the rights to your music, plus earn 50% of download sells. iTunesUnsigned will invest $1000 a month into promoting your song, so you will earn your $299 paperwork fee investment back in the 1st. week

We will submit and distribute your song to our 1000 Digital Outlets, 4000 Radio Stations and 650,000 Industry Contacts (DJs, A&Rs, Program Directors & Music bloggers).

Depending on the success of the song sells..Artist will receive everything in the list below:

Get Consulting/Management

Get 1 MTV Page

Get 1 Cover Design

Get 1 Song Distributed

Get 1 Music Video on iTunes(DOS)

Get 1 Submission to MTV Jams

Get 20,000 Twitter Followers

Get 3 Song/Video Placement

Get 20,000 Youtube Views

Get 100 Radio Spins a week

Get 3 Eblast a week to 20,000 DJs

Get 24/7 Twitter Promotions

You will receive a monthly sales Report on all downloads. Once your royalties reaches over $250 you will recieve your funds via Paypal.

Our legal team will send you the Contract in less then 1 hr. Send the $299 Onetime-Non-refundable Paperwork Fee to Paypal + Tax.

Send Legal & AKA Name(s), Song Title and Address.

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