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Song Distribution & Promo Deal Paperwork Fee


Song Distribution & Promo Deal is a Onetime Paper Fee!

You will receive your paperwork within 1 hour.

The A&Rs here would like to offer you a distribution deal. iTunesUnsigned is currently working with Sony Music and 1000 other Digital/Retail Stores that distribute our music. Never pay us .1cent for our services, everything comes free with the offer. You keep all the rights to your music, plus earn 50% of download sales. iTunesUnsigned will invest $1000 a month into promoting your song, so you can earn your $299 paperwork fee back in the 1st. week of our services.

We will submit and distribute your song to our 1000 Digital Outlets, 2000 Radio Stations and 650,000 Industry Contacts (DJs, A&Rs, Program Directors & Music bloggers).

Depending on the success of the song sells. Artist will receive everything in the list below:

Get Consulting/Management

Get 1 MTV Page (MBS)

Get 1 Cover Design

Get 1 Song Distributed

Get 1 Music Video on iTunes (DOS)

Get 1 Submission to MTV Jams

Get 3 Song/Video Placement

Get 20,000 Youtube Views

Get 100 Radio Spins a week

Get 3 Eblast a week to 20,000 DJs

Get 24/7 Twitter Promotions

You will receive a monthly sales Report on all downloads. Once your royalties reach over $250 you will receive your funds via Paypal.

Our legal team will send you the Contract in less then 1 hr. Send the $299 Onetime-Non-refundable Paperwork Fee to Paypal + Tax.

Send Legal & AKA Name(s), Song Title and Address.

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