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GET YOUR FILM TO NETFLIX, hulu, Amazon iTunes and Cable VOD and others!

Get 100% of revenues.. Keep all your rights

Netflix Watch Instantly:

If your using DGM to access iTunes, placement on Netflix Watch Instantly costs an additional $150 for SD and $495 for HD. Netflix Watch Instantly by itself costs $995 for SD and $1095 for HD. The fee includes negotiating a streaming license for your film and handling delivery.


If you are delivering just one standard definition (SD) film to iTunes, there is a one-time charge of $1295, which covers all the encoding, chapter breaking, tagging, and general caretaking that we’ll do to usher your film to full iTunes compliance and placement in the iTunes store.

After that, there is a flat annual service fee of $79 per film. The first year’s service fee is included in your $1295. For high definition (HD) delivery, the charge is $1595.


If you are also using DGM to access iTunes, placement on Hulu costs an additional $500. Hulu by itself costs $950.

Amazon VOD:

For a limited time, if you sign up to use Distribber.com for iTunes distribution, you may add Amazon Video On Demand ABSOLUTELY FREE. Otherwise, the one-time charge is $95.

Filmmaker Direct (Cable/Satellite/Telco VOD):

Submission is $449. If your film is accepted, the charge is $6000 for guaranteed placement in a minimum of 80% of nationwide VOD households. Note that this service is not right for you if you do not have a good sense of the existing demand for your film. This deal works best for rightsholders who have already had some success with a title on VOD, are producing similar style/quality content for a similar audience, and want to retain more of their upside. If you think this could be right for you, please contact DGM's CEO Lisa Carter 248.340.3873

If you have multiple films, contact us for discount info.

Now appearing nationally on all major cable, satellite and telco VOD systems. Audiences who buy your film via their cable company’s video-on-demand service will know that 100% of the profits from their purchase will go directly to you, the filmmaker. That’s because it follows the same flat-fee business model as our popular iTunes service — we take no revenue share. For more information about whether it’s right for you and your film(s), contact DGM's CEO Lisa Carter 248.340.3873 


Where can my film be placed for sale?

With DGM your film can be made available to consumers on the following stores in the following territories:

iTunes: US and Canada

Netflix Watch Instantly: US and Canada

Amazon VOD: US only

Hulu: US only

Cable/Satellite/Telco VOD services: US only

We’re always working to expand the options available to our clients. Check this page again soon to see our progress!



Does my film get accepted automatically?

Amazon VOD: Yes

iTunes: No

Hulu: No

Netflix Watch Instantly: No

Cable/Satellite/Telco VOD: No

Our track record is extremely good for getting film and TV content onto iTunes. We have great relationships with all the platforms, but some are more picky than others.

Start by submitting your film’s information in the form on the DGM homepage (you get your money back if you are declined, minus a $150 processing fee), and we’ll let you know within two weeks (often within a couple of days). Then, once your film is accepted, you can begin the deliverables process.


Make sure you tell us what video outlet you want!

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