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DGM Consulting/Management for Artist


Get the Management you  need to take your music career to the next level!

DGM will shop your Music to Major and Indie A&R's, DJ's & Labels.

There is a onetime Non-refundable paperwork fee for Artist or Actors of $299

Plus 15% for all paid Bookings/deals the brokered for Artist.

You will receive the paperwork within an hour after payment.

The duties of the artist manager number many. They include (but are not limited to):

We have the recipe for success but you must be willing to do the work! We have all the resources you need to go to the next level!

You know yourself most Managers would not be interested in working with an unknown artist with no fan base, no-hit song/video, and no budget.

But we're willing to work with you if you're ready.

We’re offering you a 90-day Management trial for just $299.

We normally charge $1500 a month because you guys are starting from scratch.

We have developed a strategy that would guarantee you major exposure and possibly a major record deal. As well as a speaking role in the up&coming indie film ”Street Lotto”. If you follow it completely.

Management Duties and Responsibilities:

Develop a strategy to get your music major exposure.

Help you build & grow a fan base.

Get you booked for paid shows.

Get your radio spins.

Get your interviews, blog & film placement.

Get your music in DJ pools.


Determining the artist’s business status and recommending/negotiating with a business entity

- Evaluating and filling the artist’s personnel requirements

- Bookkeeping and balancing the artist’s budget

- Formulating and marketing the artist’s image

- Mapping out a career plan for the artist; establishing career goals

- Negotiating and securing a recording contract

- Hiring a producer and personnel for record production and publication

- Coordinating live performances and appearances

- Establishing merchandising and commercial relations (possibly worldwide)

- Making suggestions for improvements in a recording

Hit the link to get STARTED ASAP!

Must have a Fan Base, Song, Mixtape, and a Music video.

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