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DGM Consulting/Management for Artist


Get the Exposure & Management you need to take your career to the next level!   

DGM will shop your Music to Major and Indie Artist, A&R's, DJ's & Labels. 

We will set-up your social networking pages.

While building you a fan-base! 

There is a onetime Non-refundable paperwork fee for Artist or Actors of $299

Plus  15% for all Bookings & Gigs brokerd for Artist.

You will receive the paperwork within an hour after payment. 

The duties of the artist manager number many. They include (but are not limited to):

- Determining the artist’s business status and recommending/negotiating with a business entity

- Evaluating and filling the artist’s personnel requirements

- Bookkeeping and balancing the artist’s budget

- Formulating and marketing the artist’s image 

- Mapping out a career plan for the artist; establishing career goals

- Negotiating and securing a recording contract

- Hiring a producer and personnel for record production and publication

- Coordinating live performances and appearances

- Establishing merchandising and commercial relations (possibly worldwide)

Business, however, is not the only realm of an artist’s career that the artist manager involves himself in. A manager may also be involved in the creative aspects of the process: this may include:

- Making suggestions for improvements in a recording

- Helping with instrumentals (if the manager has experience musically)

- Overseeing all creative aspects of the process

There are, however, aspects of the artist's career that a manager must not involve himself with, or does not have to involve himself with, in order to obtain the artist's fee:

- Actively seeking employment for the artist. This is the booking or theatrical agent's job. The manager must locate and hire these employees.

- Actively producing the artist's records. This is the job of the studio: the manager must negotiate and sign with one.

- Promote or administer copies of the artist's oeuvre. This is the job of the publisher: the manager must hire this employee.

Must have a Large Fan Base, Large Mixtape Downloads, Large Twitter Followers, Large Youtube Views on Music video

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