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Get Radio Spins ASAP! Fans can hear your music 24/7 on their iPhone, iPad, iPod & Android phones. Plus Ping your Song from our Radio Stations to your iTunes & Amazon link for your fans to buy your music! Our listeners consist of over 500,000 industry contacts, including DJs, A&R's and record label Execs. 

DGMLIVE365 eblast system is the best way to electronically send your Music to thousands of Record Execs, A&R's, DJ's, Agents, Managers and Music Lovers. 

DGMLIVE365 will also submit your music to genre-specific radio stations, online music magazines, online music directories, blogs, podcasts, indie record labels, and other electronic music media.

We also do iTunes Promo.. we have dedicated our sites to providing independent Artists an outlet to promote their music on iTunes. U Can't Sell It, Without Promoting it! http://itunesunsigned.com

Need Management, Radio, Promo or Distribution, hit t us up at dgmentgroup@gmail.com

The Fall College Semester is starting up again, classes are in session, campus parties are in full swing . . and college & internet radio airwaves are ready to discover new artists!

Music directors on college campuses are ramping up their staff to review a new wave of indie aritsts. Get your music to the colleges that play your genre! 

DGMLIVE365 Radio Submissions

Get Guaranteed DGMLIVE365 Radio Plays
Only $25 will GUARANTEE that your music will be played on DGMLIVE365 Radio atleast once a day for a whole week! If your music receives a good response from the DGM, it will be added to the regular radio rotation at no extra cost. Or you can make another payment and guarantee that it stays in rotation.

Make the payment below and your song will be added to Dgmmusiclabel@gmail.com on DGMLIVE365.com within 48 hours. After you make the payment, send us an email to Dgmlive365@gmail.com with a MP3 copy of your song, the song title, artist name, twitter and your phone number in case we need to call you. Your song doesn't have to be a clean version, cuss words can be played on DGMLIVE365  Radio. You will be notified as to approximately what time your song will be played so you can tell your fans to tune it. Your Song Featured on DGMLIVE365 Radio 

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DGM Artists: Send us Drops for DGMLIVE365 Radio
Record a drop for DGMLIVE365 Radio, and we WILL play it! Now I know some of ya'll are like "What is a drop?" Its simple, its just a basic shout out. So we have given you a few examples below of drop scripts, but you can add your own little twist to it... get creative with it... if it is a dope drop we will keep it in rotation for a long time. If you have access to a studio knock them out and email them to: DGMLIVE365@GMAIL.com. Or you can call and leave them on the voicemail: 1-313-444-8056

  • Example 1: "Hey this is (state your name) and you're listening to DGMLIVE365 Radio on DGMLIVE365.com"

  • Example 2: "This is (state your name) and you know Im rockin with DGMLIVE365 Radio."

  • Example 3: "This is (state your name) and you're tuned into the best! DGMLIVE365 Radio!