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 (Urban Comedy) Friday Meets Half Baked!

#Now Casting for Web Series!

DAMON and LO is having the highest day of their life over and over again!

SYNOPSIS: Damon and Lo, have always complicated their lives by making impulsive and irrational decisions, though they believe that an otherworldly force is now providing them with a chance to redeem themselves and make up for the time they've wasted... or are they just really high? A large sum of money has recently been stolen from Damon's educational fund. The mother of Lo's child has decided to press charges due to his inability to make a single child support payment. But after a night of heavy smoking, Damon and Lo find time to be frozen. They've finally been given an opportunity to mend all that they have broken: will they take advantage of their situation or burn it away with their endless supply of greenery? Follow @DeJaVuNThaHood 

MTV Shows Casting Call

Is your singing voice always compared to a current famous artist? When blindfolded could your friends and family SWEAR you sound like Adele or Justin Timberlake?

MTV is casting for a new and fun music competition show. We are looking for nonprofessional singers who sound just like a famous and current musician. Be it Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Justin Timberlake Lil Wayne, or someone else, we are seeking "sound alikes" who want to take part in this music competition show (professional artists need not apply)! If this sounds like you or someone you know let us hear from you! We are looking for contestants who appear between the ages of 18 and 25. Please send an email to soundalikecasting@gmail.com with your name, location, contact info and tell us which current contemporary artist you sound like. Please don't forget to send us links to vocal samplings of you sounding like the artist. 
*The artists listed above are not affiliated with this project. Follow @MTV


 "When the lights go out, whose side are you really on" 

SYNOPSIS: In an old, decrepit apartment building in Detroit, a brutal murder happens. 

Leah, (played by Jazsmin Lewis) an aspiring young screenwriter stumbles across an old script given to her by a tenant, while moving into her new apartment. The script holds dark-tail secrets about the old building. 

Other Tenant: As Stacks, Drug lord (played by Sticky Fingaz) prepares to take over a historic Detroit apartment building, his past loyalties becomes a problem in the present. @48hrstilldark

Send Head shot, Reel and Twitter link to: MIfilmstars@gmail.com or DGMlive365@gmail.com


From ROB DYRDEK comes a cooking competition unlike any other! 
Are you the SNACK MASTER and the GO-TO CHEF in your apartment, dorm or frat house? 
Do you impress your roommates by creating amazing midnight munchies out of whatever's in your cabinet? 
To battle it out for a CASH PRIZE, apply now! 
Please email mtvcookingshow@gmail.com with the following information: -Name -Phone Number -Location -Current Occupation 
-2 photos of yourself 
-Paragraph about why you're amazing in the kitchen 
For more information please visit www.mtvcookingshowcasting.com/ 
Must be living in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA to apply!

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